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Mike Keller is a Baltimore based photographer who currently resides in Timonium, Maryland. He attended Stevenson University and earned a Bachelor of Arts studying visual communications with an empahasis in video and digital photography. His passion for photography began in the mid 90's in high school where after taking a photography course he soon was creating photographs and mastering techniques in his own dark room at home. He was soon recognized for his talent. While he enjoys both mediums, his true passion is still photography of nature, landscapes and urban settings. In creating hundreds of these appealing, eye catching photos. He has, as a result, developed an "eye" for capturing light, space and creating an illusion to complement his subject. He now has applied these techniques and concepts to architectural design where he is able to capture your building or product in a very unique and complimentary way producing the "WOW" you desire. We invite your interest and questions. Thank you. 

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